Photographer & Visual Story TellerJust Jessica June



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Photographer & Visual Story TellerJust Jessica June

About Jess


i am a STORYTELLER first.


I am a fun loving, colorfully haired, dad joke wielding wedding professional specializing in stress free timelines, wedding party wrangling, sympathy crying, hype womaning and bouquet carrying.


More than any of that; I am about photographing your day with authenticity and joy.

Whether you are planning a classic black tie event, or a wild candle-lit adventure this day will be full of one-of-a-kind moments that deserve my team's full attention. That is why I take a customized approach to every event.

Get to know Jess

My Coffee Drink:

Eggnog latte or coffee and cream

My favorite genre of anything:

ⓐ Rom/Com

ⓑ Documentaries

◉ Anything Zombies

If I had a last meal it would be:

Fried Chicken & Mashed potatoes

Recent book I read:

The Perfect Marriage

I also have a professional license in:

ⓐ Cosmetology

◉ Body Piercing
ⓒ Tattooing

My all-time favorite tv show is:

Grey's Anatomy

I lived outside of the US in:

ⓐ Scotland

◉ Italy

ⓒ Croatia

I absolutely hate:


My favorite thing to do in my free time is:

Read & play video games

My dream vacation:

◉ Somewhere in Europe

ⓑ Give me all the beaches

ⓒ Deep in the mountains

My favorite human ever:

My husband, sean

Am I the Photographer For you?

I am so glad you are here! If you are looking for a photographer who:

1. Will create a fun, engaging environment that adds to your experience to help you create memories AND photographs.

2. Has an easy, organized and stress-free approach to your wedding day so you can spend more time celebrating with your awesome guests!

3. Specializes in documentary style photography and knows how to capture the real, organic and unposed beauty that makes up wedding or elopement without making you feel uncomfortable or too posed.

Then you came to the right place.

I am for the couples who love adventure, love hard and want to celebrate! My favorite kind of weddings are all kinds of weddings. Elopements, three day celebrations, traditional ceremonies, off-beat, in a church....you name it and I will be there.

Photographer & Visual Story TellerJust Jessica June